Residents resort to alternative power options

Due to constant power outages in the community, residents have resorted to using candles, gas stoves and fire as power alternatives.

More than 10 transformers have exploded in Cosmo City, with Eskom blaming the rise in network overloading resulting from illegal connections.

The community has been facing an electricity crisis for the past two weeks, with extension 2 and 6 mainly affected.

“The situation has forced me to buy a gas stove,” said Mmabatho Mthunzi. “We are in winter, and it is very hard to survive without electricity. The other option we have is to use fire to keep ourselves warm.”

Eskom is slowly taking us back to village life, said Makhosi Moseki . “We are no longer living our normal life in Cosmo City because of power outages. We are now frustrated, and that is why some residents took to the streets to protest Eskom for poor service delivery.”

Ward 100 Electricity Task Team recently visited Eskom offices in Lanseria to enquire about the power challenges in the community. “Eskom responded that the community is facing overloading, by-passing and illegal connections,” reads part of the ward 100 Electricity Task Team statement.

“Due to these (problems), the feeder at the sub-station automatically trips off. This is to protect Eskom infrastructure from blowing up and burning. Because of this, it is not possible for Eskom to publicize the schedule. Residents and tenants are urged to reduce the load in the grid. Try to be mindful of the electricity consumption or usage every day. Switch off items such as the geyser and heaters etc. when necessary to do so. Do not waste electricity unnecessarily. Overloading automatically results in the sub-station tripping off.”

An audit will be done in the community, and there won't be any penalties, according to the Electricity Task Team. “This audit will assist Eskom to know how to respond and normalise the situation. Eskom technicians must have access to every house or yard and Eskom expects community members to cooperate.”

The other part of the Task Team statement reads as follows:

 (1)we encourage people to buy electricity from Eskom accredited vendors to a minimum of R350 monthly.(2)registration of boxes will be considered and those who have registered before and their boxes appear unregistered must make submission within this grace period. (3)Those who bought houses and the boxes don't appear under their names must submit a proof of purchase to Eskom service centre. (4) Do not allow unauthorized people to work in  Eskom infrastructure such as power lines, transformers etc. (5) Urgent special cases in all the extensions will be investigated and attended to by Eskom.

We discourage unnecessary protests and marches that damage our infrastructure, such as robots and tarred roads. We must not create a space for criminal elements to destabilize our area. We all have the responsibility to protect Eskom technicians to give us service without any interruptions. No one has the right to intimidate Eskom Technicians. Do not bribe or give them money to do favours. Be on the right side of the law.

NB. After the grace period heavy fines will be imposed from those who would have violated the law. Grace period ends in August  3沚r9D��

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