Road construction still in limbo in Cosmo City?

Cosmo City residents are upset about the lack of road work progress on their main road, South Africa Drive. However, Johannesburg Roads Association has vowed to finish the construction anytime soon.

South Africa Drive became corroded during the sewage crisis, leading to the closure of one lane and causing bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis. Construction work appeared to begin in early March but it has not gained pace. Residents say they feel hopeless despite JRA’s efforts. “Honestly I do not know what is happening there,” said Calvin Masango. “When I saw some construction company there, I thought the road would be sorted any time. But there is no progress. This is surely getting embarrassing.”

After Johannesburg Water finished fixing the sewer line in early 2019, JRA filled the potholes on the road with rubble as a temporary measure and appeared ready to resurface the road. However, no more work was done.  “I always arrive late at work because of this road,” said one motorist. “The problem is that the local authorities are not conducting meetings to update us on the issue. We need to know what is happening because right now we are clueless. This situation has seen several cars bumping against each other and it is getting worse.”

Local authorities say the project is still moving forward. The contractor is established on the site and the Joburg Water teams are constantly monitoring progress, according to PR Councillor Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku.

“We expect the contractor to complete the upgrade somewhere around October 2019 at a cost of R10 million,” said Echeozonjoku.

 Alex Mahada of JRA said they got delayed to fix the road because they were waiting for sewage crisis to come to an end.

“our presence is not linked to any election campaigning,” he said. “We are here to do the job, which we believe will be done in the next few days. People should understand that we have our own plan. The road was heavily demaged by the sewer flow, but we are doing our best to repair it.”

The JRA has finally resumed the upgrade, said Ward 100 Councillor Mapula Mosito.

“We want to apologize to the residents that it took long to repair the road,” she said. “Joburg Water has completed with the pipeline along South Africa Road, and it will be easy for JRA to continue with road construction.”.

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