SANCO for community unity against crime

“One man was recently shot dead in extension 20, and this has raised concerns about criminal activities in the community,” said SANCO Ward 100 branch organiser Siphiwo Ndlondlwana during a crime awareness meeting held at Multipurpose Centre on 21 September 2019.

 The purpose of the meeting was to bring the whole community together to come up with solutions against crime, Ndlondlwana said. “We, as community members of the affected area, decided to bring others from different extensions to unite and help the police fighting against crime,” he said.

SANCO is tackling many issues regarding criminal activities in Cosmo City, he noted. “We cannot only rely on police visibility to reduce crime. We need to form block committees in our streets to monitor any criminal activities. We also need to have trustworthy police officers operating in our community.”

 Everyone needs to be active in the community because crime perpetrators are so clever at carrying out their plans, said Ndlondlwana. “We are relying on a satellite police station, which does not have enough resources. That is why we are always caught off guard by the criminals like what happened in extension 20 where someone was killed in the morning.”

If nothing positive is done to reduce crime, said community member Malibongwe Ngwenya, we will lose many more lives in the community.

“We are now approaching festive season,” he said, “and we are likely to experience more criminal activities. The sad thing is that whenever a robbery takes place, there is likelihood of losing someone’s life.  I think we need to keep a good relationship with the police and government to get rid of these shootings.”

Not only men are committing crime, but women are also involved.

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