Soccer Top 8

Soccer is a sport that has for a long time brought people together. So on Sunday the 10th of September 2017, Cosmo City had soccer matches as part of their Top 8 tournament. Which was hosted on the newly approved soccer grounds behind Cashbuild in extension 0.

Teams that participated in the tournament are from Cosmo City; Diepsloot; Honeydew; Lenseria and Lion Park to name a few. There are 8 teams in the tournament all together and as it is done in the professional leagues, the team play against each other and the last team standing wins a trophy and money.

Steve Skonza who is part of the tournament management said that they used to play but had no sports grounds until a month ago.

The tournament was started by community members who felt it was needed in order to keep young boys from getting into trouble with the law and away from drug abuse. The tournament was also a way for older gentlemen to teach the youth about self-discipline and how to work as a team to achieve a common goal.

‘’ The reason we came here is because at Multipurpose one has to book because young boys play league games there, where as we play with young men starting from the under 20 going up.’’ Said Mr Skonza

This tournament was for over 20s, but there are teams for the under 13 age group under 15 and under 19 age groups. They too have their Top 8 tournament and also win a trophy and money. The teams are in need of sponsorship because the founders started it from their own pockets and now need a way to raise money to feed the boys as well as help with travel expenses.

‘’We would like the community to come together and help us with soccer balls, jerseys and nets so that we can have the resources we need to be able to move the team further from just the community.’’ He said

‘’ These grounds are for the community because the multipurpose grounds have to be paid for to be used unlike one that belongs to the community, we realised that Cosmo City has many businesses but this place was empty, so we went to buy polls, someone to fix the ground and figured that this way our community can find a way out of drugs and crime.’’ Said Mr Bramwell Mulela who is also part of the founding members.

For many township community sports such as soccer; rugby; boxing and cricket have been used as a way to prevent the next generation from getting involved in crime and drugs, this way they have ensured that the youth has something to keep them busy and a way to earn money that can earn them some money in future and Cosmo City has that potential too.

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