Spider Man Far from Home

Remember those really old Sam Raimi Spider man movies released in the early 2000’s? They still totally check out

Spider Man Far from home directed by Jon Watts follows the events of Avengers Endgame and Spider Man played by Tom Holland must take on a new threat. Far from Home takes place “far from home” as Peter Parker decides to cut loose and go on vacation to Europe and not be the web singer for a while but a an Avengers level threat “seemingly” threatens the safety of his friends and his secret.

Far from home is better than Homecoming, there I said it calm down with the pitch forks but it does not still hold a candle to Sam Raimi’s Spider Man trilogy or at least the first two movies….we don’t really talk about Spider Man 3 or That huge Amazing Spider Man pile of crap so…so I’m going to need you to get ALLLL the way of my back with this!, sorry not sorry, talk to the hand.…. I am getting off topic… Anyway Far from Home is a bigger more ambitious movie than Homecoming and I loved it, the jokes were sloppy the theatre was very quiet and I liked the one joke from MJ…so funny, the villain Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) was awesome, there was this one scene where Mysterio takes advantage of Spider Man’s innocence…not like that but you are going to go “What a jerk!”..

I hated the pacing of this movies I didn’t feel invested until the second act. I do not remember having that problem with Sam Raimi Spider Man’s. I loved the chemistry between MJ (Zendaya) and Peter and how he had to balance being a teen and being Spider Man…SPOILER ALERT! Stay for the two post credit scenes…thank me later

Spider Man Far From Home is an amazing teen/slash superhero movie with a classic villain, Ned (Jacob Batalon) is a lousy friend just the worst! If you loved the 90’s Spider man animated series which had Mysterio as a recurring villain you will love this

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