Students enjoy their school Fun Day

Cosmo Meridian students, teachers and parents united on 26 October for a day of fun and sport activities during the school’s annual Fun Day.

Children and their families celebrated the day with music, food and games. The event’s purpose was to bring the community together and to raise funds, said the school’s marketer Lebogang Lesabane.

“It is always a good time when parents and children come together for a celebration,” she said. “We are also trying to raise some funds to improve the school. In this year’s celebrations, we have included parents to participate in the games and talent showcasing.”

During the day, children and parents participated together in games like soccer and volleyball.

The school also needs community involvement to implement developmental decisions, said the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) chairperson George Letsholo.

“We always get involved to better the school,” Letsholo said. “This is our fourth annual fun day, and any funds that we manage to raise we use wisely to see the school developing. Every year, we learn how to improve the school through engaging community members.”

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