Sunlight 2in1 Mamzo visits Cosmo City

“We are bringing Sunlight washing powder to the people as we also teach them about it,” said Television personality Nomsa Buthelezi. She spoke in an interview with the Chronicle during Sunlight consumer activations recently held at Cosmo Mall.

Community members who attended the activations received free sachets of Sunlight 2in1 Hand Washing Powder.

Buthelezi and Thembsie Matu are known as the Sunlight Mamzos. They work together at Sunlight 2in1 Hand Washing Powder and have launched a mini-series ‘Fragrance Your Life’ TV show which airs at 09:25pm on eTV every Thursday. It is aimed at discovering the stories behind the smell of fabric and the interesting memory it holds for people across South Africa, according to Buthelezi.

When it comes to the use of Sunlight, Buthelezi said, every user is left with a beautiful story to tell. “I am a township girl, and Sunlight always reminds me of whom I am. Every woman has a scent that he or she likes. We are not saying use Sunlight and take away your memories, but we are saying wash your clothes with your favorite fragrance and keep your lovely memories. Hence we say fragrance your life.”

Pricilla Nkomo is one of Cosmo City residents who attended the activations and she said she was happy to be taught about Sunlight.

“I have been using Sunlight washing powder since I was young,” she said. “I always see the show on TV, but now I understand what they mean when they say fragrance your life. I am also happy that we received free washing powder.”

Lerato Dumisa, Brand Manager for Sunlight Fabric Solutions at Unilever South Africa said: “The intention of the TV show is to engage with South Africans about the various laundry challenges they face daily. As much as the show is light-hearted and sometimes humorous, we also wanted to showcase the power of fragrance and memory by accentuating the scents with the three Sunlight 2in1 Hand washing powder variants.”

 Sunlight 2in1 Hand washing Powder has three variants – Tropical, Spring and Lavender Sensations which is gentle on garments. The variants leave your clothes with a clean wash with a good smell.

 Sunlight 2in1 and the Mamzo’s will be going across the country to host consumer activations where there will be prizes up for grabs which will also give them a chance to share a variety of handy hints and tips for hand washing. 

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