TAEKWONDO in Cosmo City

In Cosmo City there is now a sport that requires the same set of skills as that of soccer and rugby, this one however is not a group but rather an individual sport, it is Taekwondo. Which is a form of martial arts and entails very strict rules that participants must respect.

Taekwondo literally means the way of the foot and the fist in Korean. The roots of the art dates back as far as 2000 years ago. It is a martial art that in today’s “self-defense”, has evolved by combining many different forms of martial arts that existed in Korea for 2000 years. The earliest records of Taekwondo practice date back as far as to about 50 B.C.

‘’ I started doing Taekwondo because I had a passion for it, which came from watching Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme and many other martial artists on television and wishing I could be like them.’’ Explained Relebohile Cade Mathetha, 2nd degree Black belt in Taekwondo.

Being from Johannesburg and moving to Cosmo City to be closer to family, Cade realised that there is no point in having a talent and keeping it to yourself, which then allowed him to open a Taekwondo Centre in Sunninghill Village Mall, sponsored by A.C.E TAEKWONDO South Africa.  The Centre is open to anyone from the ages of 15 to 70 years old

Taekwondo is not just about acquiring the skill of fighting there is more levels to it, the skill of fighting is just a bonus but the root of taekwondo is about learning self-discipline, awareness and control. Hence the skill is not acquired to hurt someone but to defend yourself from one tries to bring you harm but also not to inflict harm if necessary. Certain fighting skills from Asian where built with a form of spiritual connection, a way to link your mind body and soul.

It is vitally important for people to find ways of channeling energy into peaceful ways and Taekwondo can be regarded as one of those outlooks, the youth just any other sport learn that the sport is not just about playing it there are other principals involved that will help benefit and navigate the direction of one’s life.


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