All African Teams are out of the World Cup

All teams from Africa have been knocked out. Many commentators in Africa want to say the teams performed well this time around but is that really true? Looking at the game played by Nigeria one would almost have preferred Ghana to be the ones playing. Nigeria held and out played France for the entire first half and could have very well taken the lead then but they just seemed not to realize that they have to score and that they could later regret the opportunities that they were missing. Their goal keeper, even though blamed for the first goal they conceded, played his heart out and still remains that game's man of the match for me. That is the kind of commitment many African players lack when playing for their national teams. France punished Nigeria in the last minutes of the game and the second goal, an own goal, was just what they needed to inflict more pain to the Nigerians and indeed the whole of Africa. Lack of Concentration in the last minutes is like a disease for many players in our teams and we are forever punished for the same mistake.

Algeria held their game with the Germans unto the very end but still came out empty handed loosing 2 - 1. In Cameron the team is being investigated for match fixing where as many as seven players are suspected. We now wait for the next long four years hoping that 2018 will be the year an African team could reach the quarter finals. How log will we have to wait for one of ours to reach the semis, let alone the final.