Casual Day raises a deserving R28 million

‘As we prepare to celebrate Human Rights Day on Saturday 21 March, we are proud to announce that a significant proportion of the funds raised by Casual Day go towards lobbying for the rights of persons with disabilities.’
This is the word from Casual Day project leader, Celeste Vinassa, who added that SA’s foremost fundraiser for persons with disabilities, raised R28 million countrywide last year. ‘This is over R3 million more than we raised in 2013, which means we can expand our reach and secure greater rights for our constituency.
‘Since the inception of the project in 1995, we have never seen such a massive year-on-year growth. The final audit has been done and the 2014 campaign has been closed off. Our aim this year is to spread the message of the social impact of the funds. Much of the work that we do is in lobbying for the rights of persons with disabilities at both the government and corporate level,’ she said.
Casual Day is the flagship project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA). Since 1995 Casual Day has made it possible for the NCPPDSA to fulfil its mandate of creating a fully accessible and inclusive society for all, raising R223 million.
According to Vinassa this money will benefit thousands of persons with disabilities through the branches of the 12 beneficiary organisations in every region – R17 million was raised by the NGO sector, while the remaining R11 million was raised through the corporate sector. The beneficiaries of the funds, collected via a donation for a R10 sticker, on the first Friday in September each year, include 500 schools and organisations that render services to persons with disabilities.
Casual Day’s new chairman, Dr Lusani Netshitomboni, Chief Planner: Strategy, Planning and Quality Assurance of the University of South Africa, said ‘Casual Day is one way to speak with one voice about inclusion, diversity and universal access to education, communication, and human rights for all.
‘This partnership between all the different players in the disability sector contributes to the success of Casual Day. Disability organisations countrywide are all feeling the pinch of a constrained economic climate, and that is why it is so important for the entire disability world to speak with one voice and lobby together for our place in the sun.’
Vinassa said ‘We must acknowledge the selfless work of Miss World, Rolene Strauss – as well as our ambassadors and the media, who helped us spread the message last year. Casual Day’s mission is to raise funds, but it is also to raise awareness around disability, and we can only do this with our army of celebrity volunteers.’
Casual Day ambassador and disability rights activist Terry Ann Adams last year took up the challenge to educate South Africans about disability through the media. ‘I am shocked at the fact that so many children with disabilities are neglected and outside the school system. With proper stimulation and care, their lives can be considerably enriched. Casual Day money goes towards providing for their needs,’ she says.
Casual Day’s anchor sponsor, the Edcon Group, announced that their employees raised R2.3 million in 2014 in the various Edcon stores .