All set for Youth Elite Games tournament

The Under 17 Youth Elite Games tournament is set to be held on Saturday 16 June at Cosmo City Multi-Purpose Centre. It will be a one day tournament with eight teams participating to mark the youth day commemorations.

Youth Elite Games is a football organisation which moves from township to township promoting youth talent.  The teams that will be participating in this year’s tournament are Cosmo United, Royal Gunners, Golden Drifter Academy, Prestige Football Academy, Bridge Town Rovers, Bophelong Development, Nale Academy, and La Confiaza.

The Youth Elite Games tournament organiser, Mike Sebola said they aim at giving back to the community.

“There are a lot of talented young boys in the community, so we are trying to make them realise their football dreams. We expect more scouts to come and watch the boys. Last year’s tournament resulted in some youngsters being recruited by Kaizer Chiefs Football Club. We encourage more stakeholders within the Cosmo City community to support such kind of events. We thank the coaches for being so committed even though they are not getting any compensation,” said Sebola.

He added that the tournament is aimed at highlighting the importance of the youth day.

“It will be a youth day and we want the youth to be integrated and inspired through football. One of the best South African players, Tlou Segolela, is part of the organising team, and he will bring some inspirational advices to the youngsters during the tournament,” he said.

The secretary of the Cosmo City Local Football League, Thulani Malebana said the completion in the league will make the Saturday’s tournament interesting.

“All the under 17 teams in the league are doing so well, that we are expecting fireworks on Saturday. There are four teams from the Cosmo City Football League that will be participating and we invited the four other teams outside Cosmo City,” said Malebana.

Meanwhile, in a final match of the Boys and Girls Youth Africa Games tournament on Saturday 09 June 2018, Cosmo United beat Bridgetown Rovers five goals to four on penalties. The winners will be rewarded by Boys and Girls Youth Africa on 22 June.

In an interview, the Cosmo United under17 captain, Sophumelela Vumazonke, said their victory has boosted confidence of the players as they were preparing for the Youth Elite games.

Youth Elite Cosmo City Fixture 2018

Junior league CCLFA

The Millionth Engine rolls of the assembly line at Volkswagen Group South Africa’s Engine Plant.

The Millionth Engine rolls of the assembly line at Volkswagen Group South Africa’s Engine Plant.

→  Volkswagen Group South Africa’s Engine Plant continues to produce 450 EA111 engines a day for both local and export custom

Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) reached a historical milestone on Monday, 11 June 2018 when it produced its one millionth EA111 engine.


Production of the EA111 engine started back in January 2010 when the first engines for the then new Polo and Polo Vivo were produced for the local market which was followed by producing engines for export markets including China, India, Taiwan, Mexico and Malaysia.


Apart from assembling the engine locally, the grey cast iron cylinder block for the engine as well as the bearing cap for the block is also machined in-house.


“This is the most successful line that we have run in the Engine Plant since it was opened in 1981. It’s still operating flawlessly and at an output performance level far exceeding the initial target,” said Richard Reid, Unit Head: Engine Plant.


The foundation of the EA111 engine‘s success is its reliability and fuel economy provided by the strong and flexible design concept that underpins it.  Some 350 000 local customers have taken delivery of a Polo or Polo Vivo since 2010.


The production line is designed in such a way that the output capacity can be adjusted without affecting the quality or stability.


The Engine Plant is currently producing over 450 engines and just over 470 machined engine blocks per day with a two shift pattern run by 192 operators and setters


„ The Engine Plant‘s continued dedication to meeting  the strict quality standards set by the Volkswagen Group and continuous achievement of volume targets is a credit to their great team work.  They are a great example of a team that live our Volkswagen Values of Respect, Integrity, OneTeam and Excellence, “said Thomas Schaefer, Chairman and Managing Director of Volkswagen Group South Africa.


The EA111 engine which started production in 2010 is fitted to the latest generation Polo Vivo built in Uitenhage. The EA111 engine is manufactured in two derivatives, namely a 1.4l and 1.6l available with both manual and automatic transmissions.  The EA111 engine continues to be exported to India.

Press contact
Volkswagen Communications

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General Manager Communications

Tel: +27 82 570 5761

Massive turnout to Fire and Feast Meat Festival Expo

Thousands of people poured into Johannesburg’s Ticketpro Dome from 8 to 10 June to witness this year’s sizzling Fire and Feast Meat Festival expo. Presented by Crown National, Fire and Feast Meat Festival was running for its second year in the city with the aim to educate meat lovers regarding meat purchasing and cooking. During the three -day programme, there was a line-up of the best diverse chefs who taught the visitors on how to cook, simmer, sear and braai meat from leading butchers.

With this and more, the programme was accompanied by great music and family entertainment in a grand setting. In an interview with Cosmo City Chronicle, a chef at Lamb and Mutton SA Theatre who identified herself as only Naledi said she was excited to be participating in the expo. “The expo is giving us time to engage with meat lovers who also happen to be our clients. It is a very good opportunity for us to showcase our talent in the meat industry.

We are providing tasty samples so that our customers get to know our new products. The meat lovers will also get to understand different spices, sauces and cooking accessories that we use behind the scenes,” she said.

Andrew Aphane, a representative from the National Department of Environment said they were exhibiting to show that the game meat is healthy to eat.
“Most people have never tasted the game meat, so we are doing our best to partner with the retailers to spread the meat in various areas of the country. We are exhibiting different game meat from animals like Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Buffaloes and many more,” he said.
Joao Silva, a representative from the Victoria Polish Meat Company said they were bringing diversity in the meat industry though traditional Polish meat.
“Our meat is traditionally straight from Poland and it has some Polish flavours. We want to bring diversity in South Africa with regards to meat consumption. Our meats always go with a bottle of some flavoured water which assists in dealing with alcoholic hangovers,” said Silva.
Che Upton, a Chef at Che Gourmet said she took the expo as a platform to bring the world together through food.
“We provide exciting recipes and products from all over the world. From America and Europe to Asia and Africa, we bring global, fresh and mouth-watering product range you can use in a million different ways in your kitchen. We have healthy sauces, seasonings and fermented food from around the world,” said Upton.

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