The Circle

For those that enjoy thriller then this movie is for you, with two leading casts Tom Hanks (Forest Gump) and Emma Watson (Harry Potter). When Mae (Emma Thomson) is hired by the world’s largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she starts to rise within the company ranks, she is offered a role to part of a ground breaking experiment which results to her witnessing that every decision she makes seems to be affecting the lives not only those close to her but humanity itself. For those that love social media this movie just might freak you out as to where the world could be heading to in the near future.


is an interesting movie which embarks on the journey of a young man who happens to be a novelist Fenton Dillane. Dillane returns to New York City unannounced ready to reclaim his lost love, Jessie,  a girl he left without telling her, upon his return he finds out that she  is engaged to be married. Dillaine decides to recruit help from his head strong sister, Layla and his drug dealing best friend to win her back. His actions set in motion a chain of events that affect the lives of everyone around him for better and for worse. This is a good movie that teaches the consequences of ones actions. It is a good family movie for those over the age of 13 DLS, Genre: Drama/Comedy with a run time of 82mins.


Sleepless is a good thriller movie filled with action starring Jamie Foxx as a police man who finds himself in the cross fire of corrupt police, which leads to his son being kidnapped played by Octavius J. Johnson. Now he has to uncover the truth and save his son. It is a good film for those that enjoy action and you get to see features from famous rapper Tip Harris better known as T.I. and Gabrielle Union from the award winning TV series “Being Mary Jane”.

The Ticket

The ticket is a movie that follows the life of James (Dan Stevens) a blind man who has regained his eye sight and that changes him and makes him want to be a better person. This movie depicts how a man lived a simple life when he was blind and when he got his sight he felt like he needed to change who he is. It is a good movie not suitable for children as it contains sexual scenes.




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