Heritage Month

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Heritage day is a day, where we as South Africans are able to celebrate our diversity and the importance of culture. It is an opportunity in which we as citizens are able to showcase where we come from. This is the time where we educate each other about our different cultures. What this usually does is not only educate us but also inform us of our similarities. It is a form of finding respect for our differences and building a united South Africa. An opportunity to give a voice to every culture. This is not only a time to celebrate our cultures but to remember that our diversity is what makes us a great and unique country, the reason we are known as the rainbow nation.

It can be said that this also gives the opportunity for foreigners to also showcase their cultures and celebrate heritage day with us. We get to not only learn about South African culture but also African culture and across to other continents. Days like these show the importance of humanity and humility towards any culture. With the hopes of one day being able to get along in the world. It is a day of celebration peace and unification.

Let us try for this month to learn about each other’s cultures you’ll be surprised how common certain norms are across culture, and pick up the habit of learning a new South African language, we have 11 beautiful languages why not learn them all. From the Cosmo City Chronicle team we wish you a happy Heritage Month

Meridian Heritage Day Celebration

On Friday the 22nd of September 2017, students from Meridian Cosmo City came out in their traditional attire to celebrate Heritage Day. This day was also celebrating Mandela Day for Meridian. The festivities took place at their school hall, the whole school was involved, grade R to 7 in the morning and 8 to 12 from 11am until 2pm.

Heritage Day is a day in the South African calendar where being different is celebrated instead of misunderstood. It is a day where people show off where they come from through their traditional clothing, and one where people do not mind talking about the things that make their culture unique and beautiful to them.

‘’ These 2 days are significant in the history of our country. Looking at Heritage Day, it is very important to remind ourselves about our culture, about our diversity and for us to always remember that in our diversity we must find unity.’’ Said Mr Vusi Masuku, Executive Head of Meridian Cosmo City.

Mandela Day is a day where South African hearts are open to giving and doing more through their resources, to help the less fortunate by remembering the sacrifice made by the late Nelson Mandela for the liberation of this country. It was celebrated on the 18th of July, which is Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

In celebration of this spirit of ubuntu the students of Meridian came together and collected nonperishable food items. They then packaged them into food parcels and selected from the elderly people of Cosmo City, 18 fortunate grandparents were given these parcels.  .

‘’ These days are an opportunity for us to remember how privileged we are and that there are people out there who are not as privileged and for us to lend a helping hand whenever possible so that people do not feel forgotten.’’ He explained

Celebrating who you are and where you come from is what heritage day is all about, it unifies all 11 official South African languages through culture are celebrated it is an opportunity to learn about different cultural norms.

‘’ Our children respond very well to days like these and parents do very well in educating our children about their cultures, they are very proud and excited about today’s festivities. Parents have done an amazing job in instilling the importance of knowing who you are. Just as the colours of the rainbow sit neatly next to each other, we can also unify as people.’’ He concluded.

Happy Heritage day

On Sunday the 24th of September 2017, Cosmo Mall was filled with talented young people celebrating their heritage through poetry, dancing, singing and speech. It was done to celebrate heritage day and to showcase the young talent within the youth of Cosmo City.

Heritage Day is a day to celebrate all that makes South Africa the diverse nation that it is. Filled with people walking around in their traditional attire, proudly showcasing everything that makes them proud to be both African

‘’ The reason this event is here is because I felt the community is a little under privileged and I wanted to give back to the community and also be able to help them with something they use for a long time.’’ Said Shongi Madabula, Marketing Manager for Cosmo Mall

The event at Cosmo Mall was meant to showcase both talent and cultural pride both from the people watching and the people on stage.

‘’ For this event we invited different schools to participate and the best in dancing, singing and poetry will win a bursary from Boston City Campus, who has over 2000 short coarse bursaries and 20 000 full bursaries to offer.’’ She said.

This event also gave students of Cosmo City the opportunity to be able to afford higher education after high school. Students from Meridian  Cosmo City, Blue Eagle high school, Far North school and Scodi Polar school were invited to part take in the event

‘’ We know that if you educate one child in a community, you can educate a nation, there for we want to better Cosmo City and its community members by promoting the need for education and giving them a way to become better for themselves and their community.’’ She explained.

Cosmo Mall is a Centre that when it was built, brought many new opportunities to Cosmo city and its people. It is a place that brought unity and jobs and a new way of existance for its community. Now it can also be a place that promotes and advocates for the betterment of its future residents and allow the people of Cosmo City to have pride in their Mall.