November is disability Month

November is regarded as disability month and we as Cosmo City chronicle have created fictional characters to try help address awareness, each month on certain matters. In the debut of “Stokkie le Jojo” (our recycling friends who have all the entail on Cosmo city as they are constantly on the streets. They see and hear all that happens in Cosmo City), encounter our disabled brother automatically run for assumptions like some us do when we think that someone who is disabled is incapable of doing it all.

We as Cosmo City Chronicle would like to stand by disable people who do it all every day and help encourage others to want to better their lives. Having a disability is not the end of the world and people who are disabled continue to show us that they can do plenty. This is why we have disabled heroes such Natalie du Toit our Olympic champion who broke records and raised the South African flag high after every swimming event she won. One of the smartest scientist to ever live is disabled Stephen hawking, great singers such as Stevie wonder and Ray Charles paved the way for artists who were disabled in the music industry just to name a few. Let us build awareness of the great things that disable people accomplish on an everyday basis. Thank you to Bongani Mazaka, Dikeledi kgomo and Tshepo Leroy Dube together with the rest of the Cosmo City Chronicle staff for creating the characters of Stokkie le Jojo.