Electric surge ignites an RDP house

On Sunday 27 of July, a house in extension 6, close to Blue Roof High School, was burnt down. The cause of the fire is believed to be the result of an electric surge that ignited the stove that was left on when the electricity went off on Friday evening.
“I was there when it all happened and it is sad that there was nothing I could do, I did not have anything to use to save my house” said Clement Mungai the owner of the house. “Everything inside the four rooms was burnt down; beds, clothes, a refrigerator, everything, was burnt down to ashes” he said. “I am not employed and I don’t know where I will start or where I am going to find the money to rebuild these four rooms and where my tenants are going to go” he lamented.
Clement had extended his house with four additional rooms which he rented out. Those four rooms have been his source of income.
“All of the tenants’ belongings we burnt down, including their identification documents” said Pinky, a ward committee member. “Residents should switch off their appliances and plugs whenever the electricity goes off because sometimes when it comes back, it comes with a lot of power which can cause damage” said Pinky.
One of the tenants, is Oliver Chibanga who runs a motor mechanic business from home. Mduduzi Ndlovu, Chibanga’s co-worker said “I don’t know how we are going to run our business because all of our machines were inside Oliver’s room, including our client’s car keys. Repaying our clients is going to be difficult for us too because we will have to need to buy our machines first to be able to work again then pay our clients” he said apparently calculating a lengthy and difficult period ahead.
Mandisa Majwede from an NGO called Themba community development service was there to offer her support to Clement and his tenants. “We are going to trying by all means to help Clement to rebuild her house and also to help his tenants with some old furniture and clothes. Anyone in the community who has appliances or old cloths that he doesn’t need can also donate them to the victims” she appealed.