Taking care of the elderly and disabled in the community

Action SA visited five families in Cosmo City to give away diapers to the disabled and elders on 29 August 2021.

Cosmo City Clinic, which operates at Multipurpose, provided the list of elders in need of the diapers, according to Action SA Branch Campaigns Manager Motlatsi Yvone Monyake.

Providing diapers to the elders improves their health, Monyake said. “If elders do not have diapers there is a high risk of developing sores and infection due to unhygienic way of dressing. Lack of diapers could also affect self-esteem.”

Before the diaper initiative, Monyake said, she went door to door introducing herself to the beneficiaries.

“I informed them that we will be visiting and delivering diapers,” she said. “We managed to gather more people who needed diapers. We also met one lady who is in need of a wheelchair, and we now have a new mission at hand to try and acquire one for her. One of our colleagues Bulelwa from extension 20 is already on the ground with the task.”

 It is necessary to give a helping hand to the community from time to time, she said, “With the grant and disability money that they get, it is not easy for the elders and the disabled to buy for themselves. So it is an ongoing struggle.”

Monyake, who is also gunning for the Action SA Ward 100 councillor post, said her party will be soon focusing on visibility campaigns and voter registration as they prepare for the elections in October.

“We will be on the ground on Wednesdays starting next week,” she said. “We will be doing door to door in collaboration with Wards 96(Diepsloot), 100 (Cosmo City and Itsoseng), 114(Honeydew and Zandspruit) and 115(Kyasands Pipeline). Action SA President Herman Mashaba will be invited to one of our campaigns.”

Monyake further said that Action SA will collaborate with Pikitup for a clean-up campaign focusing on South Africa Drive.

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