The 24 year old Dream Chaser Oscar Fakude

Oscar “Dream Chaser’’ Fakude was born in Emalahleni a small town near Secunda in Mpumalanga one of two children of the late former councillor Risco Fakude, raised by a single mother he knew in his heart he had to make his dad proud.
When he was just 19 he began his fashion business through hard work and determination, he started a company called Dream Chaser Clothing. He started it by using his allowance from college where he studied Business Management and working as a waiter.
He explains that he started Dream Chaser Clothing because as a lover of fashion he knew what he wished people would make for him to wear and since he never found it, he wanted to do it himself.
Apart from fashion he is also an aspiring
actor, model and event planner that has appeared in various television programmes such as Selimatunzi, V Entertainment and television adverts for car manufacturer Ford. Currently he is a radio presenter for a radio station in Hillbrow.
Starting your own business is not about money it’s just about passion, hard work and knowing how to use the tools you have to your advantage, he said.
In 2017, Oscar got his first opportunity to manage an event called The Nike Battle Force tournament, a basketball tournament where teams play against one another and the winning team receives a R50 000 cash prize.
During the event he worked with Jerome ‘’slimdope’’ Du Plooy; Scoop Makhathini and Luthando Shosha (radio and TV personality)
Since moving to Cosmo City he has wanted
to be an inspiration to the youth and show them that no matter the circumstances you come from, you can rise above them and make something of yourself, so he has been mentoring a young boy from Cosmo City who also wants to get into the fashion industry, he shows him how to market and grow his brand, he also advises him about business and social issues he faces, they meet in extension 7 where they are both from. Oscar hopes to grow from one boy to being able to mentor more from Cosmo City. To know more about Oscar and his growing empire follow him on social media Twitter: @dream_clothin Instagram: @dream¬_chaser_clothing Facebook: Oscar dream Chaser

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