There is a need for a new police station in Cosmo City, says Premier Candidate Solly Msimanga.

 Cosmo City needs a new police station in order to serve the area properly, said the DA Gauteng Premier Candidate Solly Msimanga during an oversight inspection at Honeydew Police station on 1 April 2019.

 According to the 2017/18 crime statistics, the Honeydew Police Station had 23 922 reported crimes and is the fourth worst police station nationally. It has the highest number of reported residential robberies in Gauteng, the second highest for reported sexual assault and third highest for carjacking crimes.

“The big challenge is that Honeydew Police Station is covering a very huge area,” Msimanga said. “Covering Honeydew, Zandspruit, Cosmo City and some parts of Roodepoort shows that the station needs support in order to combat crime. There is a need for one or two other police stations to be established”

 Honeydew Police Station operates in a rented piece of land, Msimanga said, so in order to be more effective, the station must be upgraded or moved into other premises.

“There is a need for the station to have more trained detectives. They are currently sitting on about 341 personnel. Seventeen of the detectives are handling over 114 cases each. So that tells you there is a serious challenge that needs to be addressed. One police station is not going to work.”

The Premier Candidate also visited the victim of domestic Gender-Based Violence Takalani Madzihiga. Her story demonstrates the failure of Honeydew SAPS to deal with crimes related to gender-based violence, according to Msimanga.

 Thereafter the Premier Candidate proceeded with voter engagement at Zandspruit and Cosmo City.

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