Tweelite Webster gets an overseas breakthrough

Cosmo City music producer Dj Tweelite Webster is working on a trip to perform in Finland on 25 October.

 Born Thembinkosi Ndlovu, the Deep House music producer got the attention of a Finland singer Janely Leino in June 2018 after posting his song called Broken Hearted on YouTube Channel. Since then, Dj Tweelite has produced songs for a number of international artists like Monica Kiss of Amsterdam in Netherlands, AMA of Finland and Toledo Prince an Latouya Milez of Chicago. His songs have been played on Ukhozi FM, Cosmo FM and in some radio stations in Finland. One of his hit songs is titled “So In Love” featuring AMA and T-Girl.

In an interview, he said working with artists from other countries is a milestone, and it has helped him to understand the business side of music.

“I think this is a huge breakthrough for me,” he said. “I met Janely Leino through social media. She loved the music I produce. We started working together and she linked me to other musicians who love Deep House music.”

Tweelite is using his bedroom as a studio and believes anyone can be a DJ or producer using the little equipment that one can afford.

“It takes the love for sound and passion to be successful,” he said. “My inspiration came from Black Coffee, and he is my role model. One thing that I have learnt is that it is important to invest and spend time in your musical career as an artist.”

Tweelite works with his wife T-Girl under their recording label TNT Crescent RSA, and he has worked with local artists like Mr Mo, DJ Riddik and Lizwi.

As he goes to Finland, he is asking for support from his fans.

People who want to get in touch with Tweeite can follow him on Facebook at TNT Cresent RSA, twitter @tntcrescent, YouTube TNT crescent, Soundcloud TNT crescent, instagram @tnt crescent.

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