We do not want squatter camps in our community, community patrollers say.

South Carolina patrollers in extension 5 are working hard to ensure that there are no squatter camps built in the nearby bushes, just outside extension 5 bond houses.

“We have discovered that some people are attempting to build places to stay in the bushes near our homes,” said Zola Dlangamandla.

“When there are squatter camps, no one is safe. If nothing is done about it, there will be a lot of criminal activities taking place in our community.”

Dlanngamandla added that it is now hard for them to continue monitoring the situation due to lockdown regulations.

“We get assistance from Natonal Security company to go around checking what is happening in the bushes near our homes,” he said. “ Our aim is to make sure that we live in a clean environment. We are much worried about the vulnerability of extension 5. We have since started building high walls to protect ourselves from potential criminal activities.”

He concluded by thanking all the people who are working hard to fight against crime in the community.

Members  of South Carolina patrollers include Zola Dlangamandla, Mandla Shabangu, Bheki Makhathini, Khorommbi nematatani, Khumbelo Lalumbe, Zameer hoosman and William Dikgale

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