Youth imbizo story

On the 16th of September 2017, Multipurpose was the host to a Youth Imbizo event organised by an orgnisation called Fronesus Students Development Trust, the imbizo was organised as a way for the youth to showcase local talent and find out what can be done to make them an integral part of society.

Fronesus Students Development Trust, have services that include women and youth development. Their youth development project is called Zone14 youth development, they hosted the youth imbizo.

‘’ The reason for this youth imbizo is to bridge the gap between the youth and the government, we know that there is a high unemployment rate and lack of information for various things because the youth do not have access to things such as Wifi, so these expos will be a  networking session for the youth.’’ Said Tsitsi Sekgobela, founder of Fronesus Student Development Trust.

The Zone14 youth development wants to make this imbizo an annual event, so as to assist a new group of youth every year. The venue is dependent on the number of people that come to the youth imbizo. So youth is encouraged to find out about these programs and become a part of them so as to equip them with information

‘’ Government has a lot of programs that are there to assist unemployed youth that we are not aware of, programs that can assist youth in schools with early work experience and other things such as internships.’’ She explained

This year the imbizo focused on Integrated Development Plan (IDP), which is a super plan for an area that gives an overall framework for development. It aims to co- ordinate the work of local and government in a plan to improve the quality of life for all the people living in the area.

‘’ We went to the speaker’s office and asked them to come and unpack the IDP for the youth, so that they understand what the IDP is, because most of them do not know what it is. They do not know what government entity to approach for help with things such as starting a business and needing funding.’’ She continued

This year’s Youth Imbizo was made to highlight the issues that affect the youth such as unemployment, crime and poverty, it is important that the community supports and encourages the youth to grow and develop themselves for the future and for them to have the relevant information they need to grow.

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