Zandspruit community considered for food parcels

More than 300 Zandspruit residents received food parcels from the Department of Social Development on the weekend of 9 May.

Zandspruit community is considered because it is close to many people’s hearts, according to African Medallion Group (AMG) CEO Itai Maunganidze.

“A lot of people in this community do not have jobs and are struggling to get an income. COVID-19 has caused a lot of anxiety to the people. We do give support a lot of communities in South Africa, and I am happy that we are supporting Zandspruit residents.”

It is very important to comply with the lockdown regulations in order to lessen the COVID-19 cases, Maunganidze said.

“We are very pleased to receive the food parcels during this difficult moment,” said Benjamin Langa. “I am not working and I stay with seven children. It is always difficult to survive, and the lockdown has made it worse. Some organisations have a tendency of turning a blind eye to the Zandspruit community, but what happened today shows that we are remembered.”

Langa said it is difficult for many Zandspruit residents to stay home during the lockdown. “It is not easy to spend the whole day in the shacks. Sometimes you feel like you should take a walk and get the fresh air outside. We try our best to sanitize our hands and put on face masks.”

We are very thankful to every organisation, which tries its best to reach out to Zandspruit community, said Zandspruit Youth Leader David Mangena.

“Everyone needs food during the lockdown,” he said. “We still need more food parcels in our community. We are doing our best to engage NGOs to make sure that all the residents will get food parcels in Zandspruit. The problem is that they cannot be served at the same time, so they need to be patient.”

Mangena concluded by thanking minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu for reaching out to Zandspruit.

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