Zandspruit shack fire victims appeal for donations

 Fire destroyed 21 shacks in Zandspruit on 30 July, leaving dozens of families without roots over their heads. They are appealing for donations from the corporate community.

The fire was allegedly sparked by a gas stove. No one got injured in the incident. However, residents lost property worth thousands of Rands.

“I lost everything which was inside my shack,” said Wandisile Mthethwa. “I do not know where to start. We do not have food, money and place to sleep. We are appealing to anyone who is willing to donate to us and other victims.”

Mthethwa’s family had just moved in to the Zandspruit community. “We only have a month living in Zandspruit,” she said. “We came to stay here in the shacks because we could not afford rent in other places. Unfortunately we now have to start from the scratch again. We do not know what to do, but we hope to get some donations soon.”

Ward 114 councilor, Victor Mafinya attributed the disaster to the lack of educational programs from the City regarding fire safety. He made a strong appeal for fire safety programs.

“We need more help in our community,” Mafinya said. “Disaster Management has helped with mattresses and groceries for the victims. We are thankful for their support.”

 Shackfire  dents will continue happening in our community as long as the area is undeveloped, Mafinya said.

“It is also not easy for the fire fighters to get into Zandspruit due to its improper infrastructure,” he added. “We are also worried about the services provided by the EMS Department. Of course they did arrive to the scene, but they did not have enough water to extinguish the fire. They had to go back to refill the tank while the fire was still on.”

We need assistance from the corporate community as we are currently using money from our pockets to try rebuilding the shacks, he said.

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